Sustainability is our philosophy

It is at the heart of what we do

Our Yellow Pea Flour is made of 100% British grown Yellow Peas. We only use partners in the UK for milling and processing, ensuring that our flour is low mileage and low carbon. While our product is eco-conscious, we also strive to make sure our packaging is as earth-friendly as possible too. That’s why our Yellow Pea Flour comes in a fully home-compostable pouch.

Fully compostable

About our packaging

Our pouches are made from renewable materials that are environmentally friendly during their entire lifecycle. Because they’re fully compostable, they break down easily and can be disposed of in your home composting bin.


  • Kraft paper (FSC certified)
  • Heat-sealable film made from corn starch
  • A resealable press-to-close zipper made from compostable material
  • Barrier film derived from cellulose (sourced only from responsibly managed plantations)
  • Only uses natural adhesives
  • Degrades at home in less than 26 weeks at ambient temperatures < 30 degrees
  • Degrades with industrial composting in less than 12 weeks at 60 degrees (Provided by manufacturer at the time of going to press).