Peas are pretty amazing; they are great for the planet and also great for us. Naturally Gluten-Free and Vegan too.

They are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, folate and iron, rich in protein, carbohydrate and fibre. Not to mention, they’re low in fat and taste great too.

Peas are a type of legume, which also adds to their list of superpowers. Legumes are a great rotational crop for farmers because they absorb their nitrogen from the atmosphere meaning they are low carbon. They also help the following crop in the rotation by leaving behind extra nitrogen to help it grow.

Our Yellow peas are grown in the UK, where plenty of care is taken to ensure good growing conditions. Once our peas are harvested, they are processed by one of our UK-partners, before being packaged and shipped.

Plant S Pea Flour 500g